Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, March 17, 2017

Call for Photographers and help our fur friends

If you love nature and animals, we have a task for you.

What do you need to do?
Spend the day at Noah’s Ark and photograph the residents.
Select 6 of your *best* pictures and submit to NANAS for our 2018 Calendar.
If your picture is selected, you will receive 10 complimentary copies of 2018 NANAS Calendar to show and share with your friends your work for the animals.
All pictures published will be credited.

Date: Saturday, 8 April 2017
Time: 10.00 am to 8pm

10.00 am Meet & Depart from Boon Lay MRT Passenger pick-up point
11.00 am Arrive in JB for lunch
12.30 pm Arrive at NA
6.30 pm Wrap-up and take your final shots of sun-set
7.30 pm Seafood Dinner
8.30 pm Depart for Singapore
9.30 pm Arrive home

How to register?
To participate, register with with the following details:
Have you been to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter? Yes / No

S$70 per pax which will cover transport (2-ways), lunch at a café and a seafood dinner.

Closing date
Tuesday, 4 April

Please email

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Noah's Ark Animal Chatter - March 2017

Birthday Celebrations for Melody
Our Oldest Resident

Visitors from Singapore celebrated Melody's
Catherine showing Melody her cake.
34th birthday on 25 February 2017 during the sanctuary tour. 
She was presented with a cake made of hay with carrots that looked like candles on the top of the cake.  The other horses and dogs also joined in the celebrations while visitors took turns to take a photo with her.   While Melody was enjoying her cake, our volunteer, Josann treated the humans to an array of mouthwatering cakes she had made for this special occasion.
Some people commented that there was no "real" birthday cake that day so the following week, Josann baked a cake for Melody and everyone celebrated Melody's birthday one more time.  She was not complaining.  She deserved it!
Being the oldest and the dominant mare, Melody enjoys being the matriarch of the herd.  At 34 years of age, she is still fit and strong and does not take any nonsense from anyone.
Rescued in 1999 from Tang Dynasty when they closed, Melody made the journey across the Straits to her new home when the sanctuary relocated to Johor from Singapore in June 2000. 
Happy Birthday Melody!  Let's hope you have many more years to come!  Next year, maybe durian cake for you?  She absolutely loves durians but that is another story!

New arrivals from Singapore
Welcoming Ah Gal, Fei Zai, Mandy & Blackie

On 7 March 2017, the sanctuary was abuzz with news that four dogs arrived from Singapore.  We are very glad that we are able to give these deserving dogs a place they can finally call their forever home.  Let's meet them and hear their stories. 
The Valentine Couple:  Ah Gal & Fei Zai
Ah Gal and Fei Zai were guard dogs looking after a factory in Singapore.  They worked very hard, day and night, to ensure that the premises were safe.  After 10 years of dedication and undying loyalty, their services were terminated. 
Instead of being rewarded for their work, they ended up at AVA.  This did not bode well for these two senior dogs.  They most certainly did not deserve this fate. 
Thank goodness they were saved and can now retire and live out the rest of their lives at the sanctuary.  They were rescued by a NANAS volunteer the day before Valentine's Day and she aptly named them the Valentine Couple.
Mandy has lived at a heavy vehicle park for the past 13 years ever since she was a puppy.  She also had a caregiver, a foreign worker who worked at the vehicle park.  He was very responsible and ensured that Mandy received her annual vaccinations and when she was sick, he would bring her to the vet.
Unfortunately, the worker's contract ended and he had to leave.  In the meantime, Mandy had an accident and injured her right hind leg needing a plate to hold her bones together. Her right front leg was also injured.
When we found out about her plight, we were happy to offer Mandy a place at the sanctuary.   We strongly believe that Mandy deserves a home and a place to retire with dignity.
Blackie is 2 years old and a very large dog.  He used to be locked up in a cage for many hours.  No animal should be treated this way.   A dog this size needs plenty of exercise and the freedom to move around.
What is the point of having a dog and keeping it in a cage?  The owner most probably just wanted a guard dog to look after his factory.  Wait till it barks too much, it will be disposed off in a heartbeat.  You just cannot win, can you?
Luckily, the rescuer felt sorry for him and managed to free him from his misery.  When we heard about Blackie, we agreed to take him in.  He can now roam free and run around on the sanctuary grounds to his heart's content.  Another happy dog in the making!

Noah's Ark Tour + 
Talk on Pet Massage
Date: Saturday, 25 March 2017
Time: 10.30 am to 6.30 pm
Meeting: Boon Lay MRT Passenger Meeting Point

Have you ever wanted to learn pet massage?
Book your seats for the next sanctuary tour on 25 March.
Betty Vong Jansen will be presenting an Introduction to Pet Massage and How it can help your pet at Wisma Kuching at 4.00 pm for all visitors who are interested to attend.
You will learn how to calm and relax your pet using the first basic stroke.  There will also be a short demo as well as hands-on practice on the two dogs and many cats in the cattery.
Why Learn Pet Massage?
  • Massage therapy is not just for senior or sick animals. 
  • It is a form of preventative healthcare, a first line of defence against any potential health problem at any stage of your pet's life. 
  • Massage also enhances the bond between you and your pet. 
  • The greatest gift you can give your pet is the gift of massage.
The Benefits of Pet Massage
  • Eases sore muscles and relieves aches and pains
  • Relaxes and calms down sick, nervous or hyperactive animals
  • Helps slow down the ageing process and
  • Enables your pet to lead a longer, healthier and happier life

For more details on the tour, click HERE.
To register, please email to

How you can help us to help them
Rescue work is never easy

Sometimes we feel helpless when we cannot help each and every animal.  Many times, we have had to choose but it breaks our heart not being able to do more for the ones we could not help.
Saving an animal is the easy part but in doing so, we are responsible for it for the rest of its life.  Raising enough money for food, medical and daily necessities needed to run a sanctuary with more than 1,000 animals is, in itself, a monumental task.  Every month, the volunteers are busy raising funds to continue this work.
Funds are also needed for key projects and they include:
  • Project Industrial Dogs (Trap Neuter Release & Manage)
  • Project Catsnip (Trap Neuter Release & Manage)
  • Project SOS (Save Our Street) Dogs
  • Noah's Ark VetHelp & Vet Internship Programmes
 There are many ways you can help:
  1. Sponsorship of animal - S$50 per month for a dog or cat / S$100 per month for a horse
  2. Donations via cash or cheque
  3. Donations via GIRO from S$10 upwards per month
  4. Sanctuary tours
  5. NANAS merchandise
Pet Sponsorship
Do check out our awesome Tri-Paws by clicking HERE.
Wong Tai
Lok Lok

If you wish to contribute in any way to make it easier for us to continue doing this work, here are the bank details:
For donations in Singapore dollarsFor donations in Malaysian Ringgits

Local Funds Transfer
Bank:            DBS Bank
Acct No:       023-905510-9
Acct Name:  Noahs Ark Natural Animal
Overseas Funds Transfer
Swift Code:  DBSSSGSG
Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Acct Name:  Noahs Ark Natural Animal 
Acct No:          023-905510-9
Bank Branch  Hougang
Branch Code   023
Bank Address:
12 Marina Boulevard
DBS Asia Central
Marina Bay Financial
Centre Tower 3
Singapore 018982
Local Funds Transfer
Bank:             CIMB Bank
Acct No:         01190002636058
Name:            Noahs Ark Natural Animal
Overseas Funds Transfer
Swift Code:      CIBBMYKL
Bank Name:    CIMB Bank Berhad
Acct Name:      Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter
Acct No:          01190002636058
Bank Branch:  Gelang Patah
Bank address:
25, Jalan Medan Nusa Perinitis 6,
Taman Nusa Perintis 2,
81550 Gelang Patah,
Johor, Malaysia.
Issue to:
"Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter"
Mail to:
405C Fernvale Lane, #09-101
Singapore 793405
Issue to:
"Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter"
Mail to:
2B Jalan KLJ 4
Taman Kota Laksamana Jaya
75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Helping animals have no boundaries

14 March 2017

Yesterday, we published our Tri-Paws (click link here) at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS) and shared how happy they have adapted. This morning we received a few messages and emails from both Singaporeans and Malaysians asking if we could help a disabled dog in distress located at a car park near AEON Bukit Indah. Many wrote in because they were worried for the dog's welfare and the “Street is not his home” and it was not a place for a disabled dog.

Appealing for help.

Grayson found at AEON Car Park at Bukit Indah

Grayson making his way to NANAS.

Sharon and Chia Hwei, Noah’s Ark Angels went to Bukit Indah to check on the dog. They managed to locate the dog and brought it to the sanctuary for immediate medical aid. After some observation and a physical examination, conclusively it was an old injury that he sustained much earlier had led to the paresis of his hind limbs and calcification of his fractured legs the trauma has led to this condition. He is neutered and looking at his condition we can conclude that he was cared for and dumped for some reasons which is hard of an animal lover to comprehend.

Click video to view Grayson's disabilities.

We noticed that this is quite common for dogs or cats to get dumped on the streets by their owners when the pet meets with a car accident. Owners refused to send the pet to the vet for treatment for obvious reasons – they conveniently dump the pet and let it wait for a slow death, while the pet has to look for food or get attacked by feral dogs.

We have met owners with accident victims before, when we asked, “How did your dog meet with an accident?”. Their reply is: “Oh, I let my dog out of the house to pee and to go for a walk on its own.” This is the ONE of the most common reply.

Grayson having his ears cleaned.

We have named it “Grayson”, if you wish to support his medical aid and welfare:

To contribute in Singapore Dollars

By Fund Transfer
Bank: DBS
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG
Current Acct number: 023-905510-9
Acct name: Noahs Ark Natural Animal Shelter

To contribute in Malaysian Ringgit

For Fund Transfer:
Bank: CIMB
Swift Code: CIBBMYKL
Acct No: 01190002636058
Acct Name: Noahs Ark Natural Animal Shelter
Branch: Gelang Patah, JB

We would like to thank our readers and writers for Grayson’s welfare.

Thank you.